Vlog Vixen: Vegan Protein, Part Two

Ok, I'm officially an addict.

Coffee, yes.

Baked goods...uh-huh.

Sexy adventures?

Okay, you got me.

And now...


I've created Frankenstein's monster,

in the form of a Creature who is just bursting to share info with you...

So, enjoy, my Delicious Ones!

And, hey.

If we put our heads together,

and combine those three little addictions I just mentioned...


I love you,

Dirty Things...

xxx Alise

P.S. Need a recipe? Click here. And here.

The Kiss Of The Siren

The sea holds me like no other.

I'm in love with both the forest and the sea, but they live so far from each other,

and when I've been away from either one for too long, my heart aches.

I've always felt that the forest protects,

reaching out with branched arms,

allowing us to collapse into its thickets

to rest, and heal

until we are strong,

like new brush.

The sea, by contrast, is expansion.

Vast, flowing, endless...

we are asked to open up,

embrace change, take a leap of faith,

many new selves unfolding.

Can we even recognize us?

Kiss of The Siren,  Gustav Wertheimer, 19thC.

Kiss of The Siren, Gustav Wertheimer, 19thC.

Any mermaid worth her sea salts would never devour her fish friends.

And though she may ingest a man or two,

from time to time,  

the question remains: How to get quality proteins and the ever-elusive Omega 3's? Most vegans and raw foodists eat lots of seaweed: nori wraps, soups, hajiki salads, wakame noodles...

Not I.

I was in Vancouver when I was a teenager and new vegetarian. In a lovely Asian restaurant I was offered a bowl of seaweed soup. How exotic, I thought. It sounded incredibly delicious, and I was eager to dive right in.

It arrived looking like a giant vat of swamp water and smelling even worse. I tried not to grimace as I sipped the broth.

It was the most revolting thing I had ever tasted.

To this day, I can't go near the stuff.


these little powdered gemstones are just my style:

Chlorella and spirulina.

My kind of gals.

Your body just doesn't get better friends than these two. Highly concentrated, quality proteins that are also detoxifying, immune building, rich in amino acids, vitamins A and C, all the B's, and so full of minerals my hair is shining just thinking about them! These ladies want you to feel amazing and look like the sea goddesses you are. That's what friends do!

My favorite way to hang with the algaes is to blend them into a shake elixir, using only 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon, with lots of berries, cacao, and a strongly flavored sweetener to mask the slight;y saltwater taste. Try this in the afternoon or evening, my Loves, as the body will not absorb or utilize protein first thing in the morning. 

And, as desirous as they are, they must be properly sourced. It breaks my heart that the ocean has been so abused, and is riddled with contamination. That contamination becomes part of our tainted energy if we aren't careful in selecting our algaes. The best ones are pricey, but you're only using a teeny bit per serving, so a bag will last you quite some time. Here a few excellent online resources:




And check out these organizations that are helping our sacred waters:



Can you hear her calling?

Can you hear her calling?

And, now, Pirates,

if you'll excuse me,

the moon is high, and I want a bath...

xxx Alise

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Instant Conjuring

You're home!

I'm so glad to see you...


You must be famished, my most beautiful Readers, after such a long day.

I'm going to whip up a divine, healthy, sultry little supper...

Just give me ten minutes.

Kick off your shoes. Fall back into that silky cushion.

Can I pour you a glass of chilled Spanish white?

Sensual Soba

  • 2 bundles 100% pure organic buckwheat soba noodles
  • 1/4-1/2 C nutritional yeast
  • Extra virgin oilve oil - first cold pressed, ideally 
  • 1-2 cloves garlic, chopped finely
  • Celtic salt

Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil, add a sprinkle of salt, a drizzle of oil, and plunge the noodles in. With a pair of tongs - or even a fork - separate the noodles as they begin to cook, so they don't stick. (Always a good idea with gluten-free pastas, by the way. Keep an eye on them while they cook, also, making sure they are swimming freely!)

Allow them to cook about eight minutes. They should be soft, but still slightly chewy.

While you're letting that happen, chop your garlic.

When the noodles are done, drain them and toss them back into the pot. Add nutritional yeast and oil, stirring with the tongs to coat. Now toss in the garlic, and a few pinches of Celtic salt, and voilå! You can use as much or as little of the seasonings as suits your tastebuds. I dig them super slippery, cheesy, and salty...so I tend to have a heavy hand. But you will, honestly, get the best flavor when you really go for it. The combination of the buckwheat with the nutritional yeast is so flavorful...nutty and earthy, and then with the oil...mmmmmm! This will feed two with a salad, or just you if you in a voracious mood. 

A very sexy supper.

Filling, but not heavy. Delicious as all hell.

Oh, did I mention? One teaspoon of nutritional yeast will arm you with a day's supply of B-12, the ever-elusive yet crucial vitamin for vegan diets. And it's a complete protein. Yep. Plant power.

Keep a sharp eye, My Voluptuous Ones: Most commercial buckwheat noodles are cut in with semolina or wheat flour, making them not the best choice ever. And, the pure buckwheat variety can be pricey. I recently happened upon King Soba brand hiding bashfully on the very bottom shelf in the Asian section of my health food store for 1/3 the cost! I bought them all up immediately, so now the store stocks them. There's also a great supply here online if you can't find them. (They have different combinations, too. The Sweet Potato Buckwheat are excellent, and I'm dying to try the Pumpkin Ginger Brown Rice).

Buckwheat, loves, is not a grain. It is actually seed related to rhubarb and sorrel, making it a smashing choice for noodles...bursting with beauty minerals such as copper and manganese, heart-healthy and blood-sugar lowering, safe for those who suffer with celiac and GI disorders...and wildly tasty.

Now, come sit down with me. 

Dig in.

Life is good.

xxx Alise

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Magic Mushrooms

Looking through a child's eyes, again

Without filters,

Undulating waves remind us that all matter is alive...

Can we just take a moment to observe the power of the mushroom?

Psychedelic Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psychedelic Psilocybin Mushrooms

Yes, there are those kind, of course. I've got no issue with them.

But I'm talking all the other rockstar fungi out there.

Serious medicine.

Chaga. Reishi. Shitake. Turkey Tail.

Are you even ready for their Super Powers?

The Magnificent Medicinal Mushroom inhibits cancer cell growth, reduces blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, treats GI disorders (such as IBS and Chron's), stimulates the immune system, has been found to be effective in treating HIV, boots immune system, restores liver function, antioxidant, helps restore restful sleep, cure infectious diseases, chronic bronchitis, adaptogenic (meaning they combats stress), prevents and treats heart disease.

Did I also mention that they are high non-animal sources of iron AND can be totally sustainable?

Hell, yes.

Magically speaking, mushrooms are lunar and have a reputation for increasing psychic awareness. The Egyptians, naturally, were on to this, and they were consumed regularly by Pharaohs. Hmmm....

You can buy well-sourced, excellent quality extracts online at Dragon Herbs and Longevity Warehouse if you favor a tincture, but if you also like teas, often dried tonic mushrooms can be found in bulk at your local health food store. 

Dried Wild REISHI

Dried Wild REISHI

I like to add 2-3oz. of dried mushrooms (they comes in powder, chunks, or slices) to 8oz. pure water. Heat the water, but don't boil. Let the chaga steep for 10 minutes or even 20. It can taste slightly bitter, so I do enjoy a little stevia and vanilla. If you make a large pitcher, it ices well and keeps in the refrigerator for about a week.

Hungry? Me too!

Let's whip this up together. It's crazy easy and sooooo good!

Magic Shitake Sauté

  • 1/2 C red or black quinoa 
  • 1 C pure water
  • 2-3 C organic shiitake mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
  • 2 C organic Swiss chard, chopped
  • 2-3 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped
  • 1/2 C sliced almonds
  • extra virgin olive oil, (first cold press, or stone ground, if you can)
  • Celtic salt
  • Red pepper flakes

First, rinse the quinoa at least three times, and drain. Quinoa has a natural pesticide that will give you a bellyache if it isn't cleaned off. Get black quinoa if you can find it: black foods have the highest level of life force energy, also known as Jing in ancient Chinese herbalism.

Put it in a small pot with the cup of water, and bring it to a boil. Cover, and simmer on a very low flame until all the water is absorbed, about 30 minutes or so. Set it aside.

Spiral some olive oil into a sauté pan, and gently heat it. Toss in the chopped garlic, and allow it to cook softly until it turns translucent and releases its heavenly scent...

Add in the shiitakes and stir. Let them do their thing for a few minutes, then add in the almonds. Let everyone mingle, and get buttery-toasty...mmmmm! This is where it gets good.

Now toss in the chard, and give it all a good swirl with a pair of tongs. Add in the quinoa. Let it all warm through, then turn off the flame. Sprinkle in a few pinches of pepper flakes and Celtic salt...and there you are.

Warm, buttery, divine...with a little crunch, loaded with complete protein, antioxidants, disease fighting warriors...light, easily digestable. The kind of supper that fills you, and still allows you to shimmy into a pencil skirt no problem.

This serves one well, but you can easily double or triple the recipe.

Because, My Loves,


xxx Alise

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