The Cosmo Girl

It’s no secret that I love all things glamorous and sensual.

The pure joy of making every small detail special, sexy. 

The art of everyday glamour, if you will. 
It’s the little things. 

The tiny embroidered pouch that holds a jewel-hued vial of magic oil, nestled inside a velvet bag, to arise with langor from your purse, a pleasure to the touch.
The silken robe you wear just to check your emails in. The sparkly treasure boxes displayed regally upon your dressing table, whose only secrets are the mundane necessities they house. The gilded etched plate from which you nibble your gluten-free toast. 

I’ve always admired Dita von Teese for that.
The rituals of a glamorous life.
Once you get a taste, you’ll fall madly in love with it.
And the fact that you don’t need Dita’s bank account or social circle to create such beauty.

Of course, you do need to put some effort in. But it’s worth it.

When I was little, my young mother and her girlfriends all read Cosmopolitan magazine. It was, of course, a very different glossy back then. The cover girls were insanely gorgeous and sparkling, a mix of amplified glam and natural beauty. They weren’t famous, with the rare exception of a high-level bombshell film or tv star. And there were certainly no "famous-for-being-tacky" reality stars or manufactured pop silliness on those covers.
Inside the pages were secrets and stories, cheeky how-to’s, feline fashion spreads, ads to swoon over, and, of course, a very saucy monthly astrology guide, all aimed at a most bedazzling creature: The Cosmo Girl.

Vintage Glamorpusses.

Vintage Glamorpusses.

The Cosmo Girl had it all: a chic apartment, a great career, fab friends, and a sizzling love life. Oh, and the wardrobe for every possible situation. Everywhere she went, she brought style, smarts and sex appeal. I was madly in love with this idea. I didn’t even know what half of it referred to at that tender age, but I knew I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. 

In honor of this iconic gal, I’ll share with you one of my personal favorite Everyday Glamour Rituals:

A beauty potion in an impossibly sexy glass. With garnish. Mmm-hmm.

I’m a heavy drinker, you see: I knock back at least two each day.
And I’m talking the hard stuff.

Vitamins. Antioxidants. Minerals.

Oh, I love a real drink as much as anyone, of course. But skin needs hydration and craves nourishment…so this sexy little indulgence has major benefits.

So for you, my fluttering Butterflies,

I’m bringing back the Cocktail Hour.

Let me intoxicate you.

The Cosmo Girl

  • 8 C pure water
  • 3 Tbsp organic hibiscus flowers
  • 2 Tbsp organic rose hips (both found in natural food stores and online)
  • 3 drops lemon essential oil
  • two slices of fresh organic orange
  • a good splash of unsweetened pomegranate juice
  • 1-2 packets of stevia

Warm up the water in your little cauldron just to the point of heat, Loves, it doesn't need to boil. (Boiling actually can negate some of the beneficial properties naturally present in herbs and flowers.) With love in your heart, and a strong vision of the life you wish to create, sprinkle in the hibiscus and rose hips, and let them float on magic waters for...well, for as long as you like. Maybe overnight under the Full Moon tonight? 

When they're ready, add your lemon oil, oranges, and the pomegranate juice. Mix in the stevia to sweeten, chill, and you're ready to serve. I like to make a large batch, and keep it stored in a glass jar in the fridge. it keeps well for a few days, and over time the oils from the orange rind are released, deepening the flavor. 

In addition to powerful doses of vitamin C from the citrus, the pom provides super antioxidants, more vitamin C, A, E,  and a gorgeous color. It's actually one of the few fruits whose juice is as as beneficial as the actual fruit itself! It's also a rich source of myriad beauty minerals. 

Rose hips are the sacred fruit of this most treasured flower. Isn't that gorgeous? When all the petals have fallen, the rose hip remains, full with more vitamin C than an orange, and swelling with vitamin A, which keeps skin's elasticity, prevents wrinkles, and keeps those already formed from getting deeper. How's that for hot?

Speaking of heat, hibiscus tea ("karkady") was consumed by our wise ancient Egyptian ancestors to cool down on an arid desert day, as it carries the ability to lower body temperature, and is naturally moisturizing.  

So when you come in after a long day, grab a foxy glass and pour yourself a refreshing Beauty Cocktail. Don't have a selection of pretty drinking vessels? You need to get on that. Great ones can be had for pennies at dollar stores, flea markets, and discount housewares shops. See? Easy.

To your health, My Darlings!

Happy Full Blue Moon!

xxx Alise


The Sensual Shower

Why is it that when we bathe

it's a languid, sultry affair

while a shower in an in-and-out

hurried rush of graceless movement?

Well now,

we all know how much fun a quickie can be...

Time to give the shower the seductive power it deserves.

I'll share a delicious secret with you: It's all about layering scent. A spell of sensuality is immediately cast, and remains with you, to be shared, like handing out single flowers to everyone you meet from a voluptuous bouquet you hold close to your heart.

All it takes is a little magic.

You will need:

  • 1 bottle of castile soap
  • 1 jar of unrefined, organic coconut oil, melted
  • 1 cute spray bottle, filled with pure water
  • 1 bottle of organic flower water (Rose, Orange, Lavender, etc.)
  • Your fave essential oils
  • A few gorgeous containers (see below)

As you gather your essential oils, pause for a moment to really feel what you want to create. What blend would make you feel amazing and beautiful all day long? What oils can heal any maladies you may be having? For instance, right now I am using a frankincense/myrrh treatment with fresh vanilla bean. It's deep, musky, and wildly sexy, and it is curing a few ills. Mix together your essential oils, with enough drops to use in a few different potions. 

Of course, making this blend is a ritual unto itself, so be sure to infuse it with powerful energy.

Divide your mixture equally into the castile soap, the coconut oil, and the spray bottle. Shake and mix each one. Add some flower water to the spray bottle, and use it for misting towels, your robe or clothing, the room...anything you like!

If you can, transfer the coconut oil and the castile soap into glass containers. Scour flea markets and Etsy for special ones to display. They make the ritual even more enticing, don't they? Running your fingers along the graceful neck of a bottle, removing the stopper, placing it on the tile to catch the light, and pouring the nectar from it onto your heated flesh...

Instant. Shower. Spa.

Now you have scent-infused body wash, shave cream, spray, and moisturizer for every sweet part of you. Now each moment you have to linger beneath the spray will be joyous, even if it's only a few. Breathe it all in, really feeling the water on your skin, and give thanks to your gorgeous body. After all, it carries you everywhere. It deserves the love and attention you give to it.

It's these little moments we take for ourselves, Darling Ones, that set the stage for the entire day. Or night. Bewitching treats. Like movie star lingerie beneath our uniforms, they are a constant reminder to feed ourselves as women. Try it.

You may just find yourself hooked.

xxx Alise

Alise In Wonderland

Kiss Me: Secrets To A Purrfect Pout

“ A kiss that is never tasted, is forever and ever wasted...”

-Billie Holiday, For All We Know (lyrics: Sam M. Lewis)

Come closer.

I want a kiss...

The changing seasons can wreak havoc on your lips, can't they, baby?

I'm gonna fix that for you.

In Three. Sensual. Steps.

Don’t waste even one single kiss. Ever.

1. Exfoliate

Whip up a blend of organic coconut oil and raw coconut sugar. Dip your finger in, and smooth it all over your lips. Take your sweet time...really get into a circular motion. That's it...

Now blot, then use a dry toothbrush to slough off any remaining flakiness. 

2. Stimulate

Mix 1 teaspoon of ground cayenne with 1 teaspoon of ground ginger, and apply to your lips. Massage it in, allowing the spices to increase circulation for a plumped up, just-bitten smooch. Oooh! That tingles...

3. Adorn

Seal it with a kiss of natural, cruelty-free lipstick.

I love, love, LOVE Vapour Organics Siren Lipstick, shown here in Saucy.

Made with myrrh, rose buds, pomegranate, lemon balm, camilla and jojoba oils, Siren lipstick is rich in antioxidants and soothing fatty acids, it’s designed to protect and hydrate. And the colors are juicy!

One more thing: don’t forget your teeth! Turn up the wattage with a homemade baking soda whitening paste: Mix a little pure water into baking soda until the consistency is smooth, then add three drops of peppermint oil for yummy breath, and two drops of clove oil for healthy gums. Use it like toothpaste twice weekly for a megawatt smile.

Now, get over here.

Un baiser pour vous...

xxx Alise

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The March Hair

"The March Hair will be much the most interesting,

and perhaps as this is May it won't be raving mad –

at least not so mad as it was in March."

I am taking some artistic license with my friend Alice here,

for just a moment.

It is not yet May, but the Hair is indeed raving mad after a long winter, being tossed about by fierce winds, stripped of moisture by dry indoor heat, and ravaged by raging outdoor chills. It's enough to make us eschew reality, and stay forever in eternal Tea Time.

(and, yes, I will be hosting that Mad Tea Party very soon...hint...hint #2)

But for now, let's deal with our tangled and tattered Winter tresses, shall we?

To greet Spring with a magnificent mane, I'm going to spill a few secrets...

Begin Anew

Get rid of all the dead stuff. Go for a new cut with a pro, or DIY at home, but get rid of the split, stringy, over-tired bits. I cannot sit still in a salon chair, so I have a habit (okay, it's a little more of an obsession) of snipping rough ends on an almost weekly basis, especially in Winter. It's astounding how ratty your hair can get in a short period of time! I know it's not exactly even all over, but really...I don't care. It's healthy. And if I accidentally do something weird, I just say it's "layered."


Mmmmm! Coconut oil and avocado. Should we eat it, or slather it in our hair? Both! Super beauty fats like these should be a part of our everyday dining for sure, but let's play with our food a bit...

Here is an easy and insanely great hair masque that adds luster to dry hair, it gets rid of flaking and dandruff, and it keeps your hair safe from the sun, which can be just as damaging to your hair as it is to your skin.  

Gently heat 1-2 Tbsp (depending on your length and texture) of coconut oil on the stove for about 10 seconds, then massage it into your hair from the roots to the tips. While it sets in, mash up a very ripe avocado until you end up with a smooth paste. Now massage the avocado into just the tips of your hair. Let the mixture set for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with cool water and shampoo as usual. Make sure the paste is very smooth, and the fruit very ripe, otherwise you will be dealing with a chunky guacamole on your head...not so much on the easy rinsing. And don't forget to apply it only to the tips. You can do this once a week if you like. 

Shampoo & Conditioner

I've recently hit the hair jackpot with this pair of aces: Acure Pure Mint + Echinacea Stem Cell Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. I am loving them!!! Lots of volume, shine, and light but potent conditioning make this such an awesome duo. With quinoa protein, babassu oil, and echinacea stem cells for promoting cellular regeneration at the root awesome is that? My hair, no matter what I use, has always required a boat-load of detangler every day. But guess what? I haven't used a drop since I got on board with these! Bonus: as with their entire line, a little goes a long way, so in addition to being the best hair products I've found anywhere, they're very kind to your wallet.


I've been through endless styling-product phases, all aimed at one thing: the amplification of my natural state of bed-head. Going cruelty-free and natural narrows this field down significantly, unfortunately, to the tune of some pretty lousy concoctions. I've tried literally every mousse and spray in health food store existence, and I'm always tossing them, due to sticky gross ineptitude. Then along comes my shining star: Acure Argan Stem Cell + CoQ10 Dry Shampoo. I'm telling you, this company knows. I use the teeniest bit of powder in the root of the crown, give it a little fingertip massage, and oh yesssss...the hair that says, "did she just...?" 

No tacky residue, no powdered-wig weirdness, and no reason to wash it with actual shampoo four hours later, as every other dry shampoo despairs. 

Now, my Loves, that we're all giggly,  tossing our revitalized manes about like lionesses, let's remember the first tenet of beauty: It comes from within. On so many levels.

So, last, but never least...


Remember what the Doormouse said? Feed your head.

The absolute key to awesome hair is what you put into your body.

I'm talking lots of raw organic fruits and veggies, beauty fats (like avocado, coconut oil, nuts), lean plant proteins (spirulina, chlorella, hemp, chia), fermented foods (kombucha, raw sauerkraut, kimchee, sour pickles, miso)...and, of course, some cooked goodies in there for good measure and pure pleasure...

Here's to a full head of glossy tresses,

a happy heart,

and a f**king amazing weekend!

Love and flowers,

xxx Alise

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Spring Style: Maiden Chic

She's finally arrived, that elusive temptress. A bit more than fashionably late, but we'll forgive.

You know her.

Goes by the name of Spring.

And she is gorgeous.

She makes the scene, always adorned in the very latest buds and blooms, surrounded by her entourage of feathered and furry tastemakers.

There is something to be said, after all, for making an entrance...

Take a cue from this couturier of Carnivale, and rock some of these:

Flower Crowns

This classic Pagan symbol of maiden sauciness is not for festivals alone. Why not sport a different one for each outfit? There are zillions of how-to tutorials out there if you're a crafty babe, and the creativity is endless. So many flower options, in every conceivable color and size, lush fabric could make your own flowers, for that matter, just google some tutorials. Can you wield a glue gun like Emma Peel? Why not try some teeny baby birds, crystals, butterflies...

I just ordered two from 2Sisters1Closet, and I cannot wait to get them onto my head! I chose ones with tiny, delicate flowers, very simple and precious. One in white, one pink, and you know I'm going back for more.


One of my all-time fave DIY accessories. There are soooo many ways to adorn your beautiful neck with these, and for pennies. Check out your local fabric/craft shops for ribbon yardage-just stick to very soft, ideally stretchy, fabrics. Also keep an eye on the width. I've fallen hard for embellished lace ribbon that ended up being too wide once I put it on, folded itself over, and lost it's effect totally. (If you're fortunate enough to live in or near a city that has a garment district of sorts, you're hit gold, my Loves. The options will be never-ending, but glorious!)

Simply cut enough ribbon to fit around your neck and leave some room to tie it in the back. You can hide it behind your hair if you like, or tie it on the side with a come-hither bow. Very sexy look. It makes people want to unwrap you...


Slips, nightties, and other frothy frocks are year-round day and evening wear as far as I'm concerned. Even in the cold of winter, I manage to keep them in heavy rotation by adding sweaters or jackets (or just a warm shawl if i'm at home), and over-the knee knit stockings. They just make me feel sensual and wildly feminine. Oh, no, I don't sleep in them. I don't sleep in anything. But I've been known to wear them in lieu of a cocktail dress on many occasions. I remember showing up at an outdoor rock show my man was playing one Summer a few years back, and was being introduced for the first time to some of the other bands and their wives. I was wearing a mostly sheer peach georgette confection, held up by satin ribbon on one shoulder. When one of the ladies oohed and aaahed over my "dress," I said, "'s a nightie," in a wicked whisper. I was fully aware that this could potentially alienate, but I figured what the hell, it's the truth. She looked a little alarmed, then came in close and smiled. Big.

So, scour not only Etsy and eBay for yummy vintage pieces, but also lingerie shops and online sites for slips, nightgowns and bed jackets that you can infuse your wardrobe with, year-round.

And, if you can splurge a little, and you want something a bit more refined, there's always the Dress Lust that can be satiated by visiting sites like 20th Century Foxy. Here's an emerald number I am dying for.


Did someone order a Glow for Spring? Two products have hit my radar recently that I am absolutely crazy about. 

The first is a lickable feast by none other than ContessaCreate. 

Candyskin, baby.

This mask is heaven to experience. A few drops on in my hand feathered onto my face one evening became a heated spa in moments. I sank into a bath to let it work its spell on me. After inhaling in its dreamy scent for about forty minutes, I rinsed it with a little cool water, but decided to leave a bit on. Just to see what would happen. My Loves, I woke up the next morning looking amazing, but flaking ever-so slightly, as if I had done a light peel. So, I sloughed the old skin off with a buff-puff, and holy s**t!  My skin was gorgeous. Super-taut, radiant, and glowing! I will forever use this, in this exact same way, for photo shoots, acting gigs, and anytime I just want to look and feel fantastic.

For your gorgeous bod, I give you Acure Organics Cocoa Butter + CoQ10 Ultra-Hydrating Unscented Body Lotion.

I usually use pure coconut or jojoba oils to soften my skin, but I also like to have a product on hand for traveling, and to stash in my bag for a little hydration on long work days. I must confess, that up until now I've really never found anything that I love enough to stick with, but this lotion is sublime. It's very light, absorbing easily (unlike oils), which is necessary when you're on the go, and comes in a generous-sized tube, also excellent for travel. But the best part is the hydration. Here's a product that actually can walk the walk, not merely use the phrase "ultra-hydrating." The ingredients are stellar: A "curoxidant" blend of organic superfruits and herbs which help to reverse the signs of agin skin, active plant stem cells, and a highly pure and potent chlorella to boost cell renewal, and protect our collagen and enzyme fibers from enzymes that can destroy them. Amazing ingredients, radical results. My skin has never been so smooth and juicy!


Oh, I love new Spring colors! My most fave makeup line, Vapour, has several new offerings that have my head spinning. All of their products are etheral and gorgeous, but I'm a rabid fan in particular of their Siren Lipstick. It contains rose buds, camilla oil, myrrh, lemon balm, pomegranite, and jojoba oil, and let me tell you there is no better way to adorn your pout, my Kittens.

They've got a new shade called...are you ready...?


Is my name on it? I mean, really. Ordering NOW.

Get going with your Vernal Vogue,  lovely maidens. 

Spring has kissed us all...

xxx Alise


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Winter Beauty Must-Haves

For much of the world, we are officially in the thick of the shivering season, so, if you haven't adjusted your beauty regimen to align with the temperature plunge...what are you waiting for?!

Without further ado, I present you, my loves, with my Top Ten Products of The Season! All natural, cruelty-free, and earth friendly...every one of them FANTASTIC.

For The Bath

 EO Rose & Chamomile Bubble Bath - Relaxing and romantic, with rose absolute essential oil and tons of sexy bubbles!

Ground organic mustard seed - Incredibly warming! Buy it in bulk from your local natural foods store - it's way cheap. Sprinkle 1-3 Tbs in running water. Be GONE, chills!

For The Body

Spectrum Naturals Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil - Hands down, the most moisturizing, easily absorbed, nutritive oil around that won't wreak havoc on your wallet. Added bonus: This one does triple duty as a gentle, super-supple eye makeup remover and shave cream, too!

Shikai Naturals Borage Therapy Hand Cream - Intensely healing, this one. I have yet to encounter another cream this rich that drinks into your skin and never feels greasy. Added bonus: Use a dab on your lips to weather-proof on even the coldest and driest days.

For The Face

Acure 100% Certified Organic Argan Oil - Use this in place of both your day and night creams to hydrate and protect your skin. I promise you, it is amazing. Added bonus: Rub a little into your nails and cuticles to brittle-proof your little daggers.

Derma e Evenly Radiant BB Creme SPF 25- After your argan oil treatment has absorbed, apply this for a layering of antioxidant-rich moisture, a flawless finish, and sun protection. Added bonus: the slight tint gives your winter skin a little coverage and a gorgeous glow, possibly rendering your foundation...obsolete?

Derma e Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Creme - Similar in texture to the BB cream, this nourishes the delicate under eye area, deflecting dark shadows and giving you a little lift. Just use a teeny's a little pricey, but it goes a long way.

For The Hair

EO Organics Volumizing Shampoo - Dry indoor heat can zap the body out of our hair, leaving it kind of...blah. This shampoo reawakens your mane gently. Use cool water to shampoo and rinse with any time of year to treat your tresses with the respect they deserve. Roar!

EO Organics Protective Conditioner - Olive, coconut, jojoba oils and quinoa protein enrich this light but highly restorative conditioner, goddess-kissed with rose absolute essential oil.

Organix Argan Healing Weightless Dry Oil - Its name is a mouthful, but all true! Spray lightly  (I repeat, lightly) on dry hair for protection against the elements, UV damage, static, and split ends. Adds a little subtle shine, too!


Allright, beauties! Out into Winter you go...

A force of Nature herself, you are...


Much Love,

xxx Alise