4am Wisdom

Am I the only One 
who wakes routinely at 4 am
to lie awake and stare
to listen to the wind in the branches,

Wandering about
in the stillness
everything breathes...



I used to refer to my 4am Decisions,
which sometimes were a bit fuzzy
particularly if I was just coming in...

Now I see it as 4am Wisdom.

Often I burst into giggle fits.
It's my comedy hour.

My overnight behavior has earned me the following titles:
The Mistress of Mayhem,
The High Priestess of Highjinks,
The She-Wolf of Shenannigans
(I'm not kidding.)

It's hilarious.

Little Witch, whatever are you up to? (actual middle-of-the night weirdness happening here.)

Little Witch, whatever are you up to? (actual middle-of-the night weirdness happening here.)

I share a household of similar beasts
so if I am restless,
so are the cats.
We are connected, of course.
The Mr. too.
There are esoteric conversations
or giggle fits
and ridiculous made-up songs.

And when it's deep,
I brood
or scribble things
sometimes I lie in bed
sometimes I need to sit in the living room on my cushions and furry nests
among the statues
because we need to talk.

And sometimes I stay awake through until 8am
watching and listening to the birds
then, full of new information
things that must be processed
I fall asleep as the sun begins to warm the room.

My awareness of everything breathing at this hour has a root.

In ancient Eastern traditions, 4am is when the lungs are at their strongest, because the circadian flow of the vital energy, or Chi, is at it's highest in that particular part of the body. Not coincidentally, it is also the hour in which the kidneys are at their lowest, hence those pesky middle-of-the night bathroom jaunts.

In some circles, it is an hour of prayer.

But tell me, 
where do your 4am wanderings take you?
To dark places
to great awareness
to peals of laughter?

Next time you're up, take 13 deep breaths. Whatever is waking you, harness that lung capacity first.

Find your rhythm.
See what comes in.
Then tweet me @veganvixen69


Meet me in the sky,
nd we'll share our adventures!

xxx Alise

Alise In Wonderland