Luna Cucina: Pisces Supermoon


I'm so glad I got my fix by seeing many of you this weekend at The Parlour,

but those of you who I didn't connect with...

I missed you terribly.

Truth be told,

I'm mad busy with a widly sexy project I alluded to a few weeks back.

Can you keep a secret?

Luna Cucina is going to be a book!

Hell YESSS!!!

A gorgeous tome dedicated to health, beauty, and magick entwined in a sensuous dance with the cycles of the Moon, the movement of the planets, and how to harmonize them with the unique rhythm that is YOU, my Loves.

I'm crazy excited!

So I'm here, at home, talking tonight's full Moon with you...

I hope you enjoy it.

My editing skills remain pretty horrendous,

but they'll get better. Promise!

Check out the cameo by one of my delicious familiars,

Belilli, who steals the show pretty much throughout.

I love you!

See you tomorrow!

xxx Alise