The Kiss Of The Siren

The sea holds me like no other.

I'm in love with both the forest and the sea, but they live so far from each other,

and when I've been away from either one for too long, my heart aches.

I've always felt that the forest protects,

reaching out with branched arms,

allowing us to collapse into its thickets

to rest, and heal

until we are strong,

like new brush.

The sea, by contrast, is expansion.

Vast, flowing, endless...

we are asked to open up,

embrace change, take a leap of faith,

many new selves unfolding.

Can we even recognize us?

Kiss of The Siren,  Gustav Wertheimer, 19thC.

Kiss of The Siren, Gustav Wertheimer, 19thC.

Any mermaid worth her sea salts would never devour her fish friends.

And though she may ingest a man or two,

from time to time,  

the question remains: How to get quality proteins and the ever-elusive Omega 3's? Most vegans and raw foodists eat lots of seaweed: nori wraps, soups, hajiki salads, wakame noodles...

Not I.

I was in Vancouver when I was a teenager and new vegetarian. In a lovely Asian restaurant I was offered a bowl of seaweed soup. How exotic, I thought. It sounded incredibly delicious, and I was eager to dive right in.

It arrived looking like a giant vat of swamp water and smelling even worse. I tried not to grimace as I sipped the broth.

It was the most revolting thing I had ever tasted.

To this day, I can't go near the stuff.


these little powdered gemstones are just my style:

Chlorella and spirulina.

My kind of gals.

Your body just doesn't get better friends than these two. Highly concentrated, quality proteins that are also detoxifying, immune building, rich in amino acids, vitamins A and C, all the B's, and so full of minerals my hair is shining just thinking about them! These ladies want you to feel amazing and look like the sea goddesses you are. That's what friends do!

My favorite way to hang with the algaes is to blend them into a shake elixir, using only 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon, with lots of berries, cacao, and a strongly flavored sweetener to mask the slight;y saltwater taste. Try this in the afternoon or evening, my Loves, as the body will not absorb or utilize protein first thing in the morning. 

And, as desirous as they are, they must be properly sourced. It breaks my heart that the ocean has been so abused, and is riddled with contamination. That contamination becomes part of our tainted energy if we aren't careful in selecting our algaes. The best ones are pricey, but you're only using a teeny bit per serving, so a bag will last you quite some time. Here a few excellent online resources:

And check out these organizations that are helping our sacred waters:

Can you hear her calling?

Can you hear her calling?

And, now, Pirates,

if you'll excuse me,

the moon is high, and I want a bath...

xxx Alise

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