Luna Cucina: Scorpio Full Moon

Oh, I have been waiting for this,

With my characteristic impatience pinned beneath my stiletto heel...

In two days.

A Full Moon.

In Scorpio.

The taste of desire, swelling...

The lustful howl,

deep down,

rising to the surface...

Unleash. It. Now.

Magnetic, powerful, erotic Scorpio.

With all your occult charms.

How I adore you.

All your secrets hidden away...

Did I mention I have a Scorpio moon and rising?

This month, my Lupine Loves, has the full moon shining her silver light upon relationships, forcing us to look at possible imbalances, should they be present. The reality can be frustrating. We must, however, remember to be sensitive not only to other's needs, but to their contributions as well. Consider it. Who in your world drives you mad with inconsistency, for instance, but is wholly present when you need it most? It may be just the time to let go of what they don't give you, and be thankful for the ways they do enhance your life.

Just a thought.

Now, back to lust.

Time for major Kitchen Witch spellcrafting in la Cucina...

All Full Moons are extremely powerful. This is our time to manifest what we want NOW. We are in our heightened state of creation, full of fire and brimstone. So we need powerful food. Some traditions suggest a fasting during this time. I disagree. Vehemently.

What we really need now, in my book, is food that gives us strength and grounds us at the same time, so that we may work our magic to it's highest potential. 

Add Scorpion sensuality to Full Moon fever, and it's time to unleash one of my famous carnal cuisine specialties...

Get ready.

Often garter belts are cast aside when this dish is consumed...

Often garter belts are cast aside when this dish is consumed...

Amorous Artichoke Pasta

  • 12 oz. gluten-free penne (corn/quinoa works best!)
  • 2 C. artichoke hearts, plain, quartered
  • 1 C. sundried tomatoes (larger ones chopped)
  • Organic oregano
  • Organic cinnamon
  • Celtic salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 C. oil cured Moroccan olives, pitted and chopped
  • red pepper flakes

Light your candle. Set your intention.

I've created this dish to induce heightened erotic senses, draw power, and increase your ability to manifest money...that's long as you keep your intentions pure, and for the highest good. 

To begin, spiral the oil in a sauté pan clockwise, visualizing your wishes. Light a low, soft flame, and keep that picture in your mind while the oil heats, seeing your dreams grow stronger as the heat builds. When you can feel the heat with your hand placed just above the pan, it's ready.

Take a generous pinch of oregano, and toss it into the pan, again in a clockwise circle. Keep your flame low, allowing the herb to gently release its energy into the oil, and its scent into the air. Keep it going for about three minutes, 

Now place the sundried tomatoes into the pan one at a time in a single layer. This is where you can draw a symbol to help manifest your intentions, such as a heart, a pentagram, your initials, or a rune...just to mention a few. It's just as important, if not more so, to feel your dream coming true as it is to see it. Not everyone will tell you that.

And here is where the flavor magic really sparks: Take a spoonful of your cinnamon and gently dust it on top of the tomatoes, and let some land in the oil, also. Now they sizzle for a few minutes. That aroma...

Turn the tomatoes over carefully, to let the cinnamon really infuse the oil, and allow the tomatoes to blacken. (They aren't burned-it's the cinnamon cooking onto them). With your fingers, nestle the artichoke hearts into the pan amongst the tomatoes...and let them shimmy together for about five minutes.

Give it a gentle stir, and add in the olives. Five more minutes of shimmies.

While that's happening, bring your pasta water to a raucous boil, adding a pinch of salt and a splash of olive oil. Cook the penne, stirring frequently (especially in the beginning), until it's al dente. Maybe ten minutes? Or more. Test it.

Turn off the flame on your sauté pan, and sprinkle in a nice pinch of pepper flakes, and salt. Set it aside.

When the penne is ready, drain and add to the pan. You may want a drizzle or so more of oil here. I always do. Mingle the pasta with all in the flavors of the pan for a few minutes. if you need to heart it through for one last energy surge, do so. Now your culinary spell is cast.

Serve it in a gorgeous bowl, releasing the energy from your heart, through your arms, and onto the table. Keep that feeling, that picture, glowing while you savor every succulent bite, and send to those you love.

Feast your dreams, your desires, and your senses,

Beautiful Beasts...

From my Lair to yours,

xxx Alise

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