Peek Inside The Vixen's Closet

Naughty little things.

I know you're pressed up against the door,

peeping through the keyhole..

I can hear you breathing...

Mmmmm...time for a little cat stretch....

Mmmmm...time for a little cat stretch....

As I slither into a few very fetching garments,

I can't say I mind 

if you feel the need

to stare...

Mmmmm. I like this one...

Catwoman Couture.

But it's time to part with some of my things,

and make room for new.

So, now's your chance, my darling voyeurs,

to get inside my closet

and rummage to your heart's content.

I've got a few pulse-quickening numbers in my Etsy shop right now,

and you're invited, my Loves,

to join me...

Strip. Adorn. Play.

Or just watch.

Look out, Batman.

I know where you live.


xxx Alise