Keep It Under Wraps

Naughty things.

I know where your minds are.

And it's true, some things are best left to the imagination.

While others are so juicy, they need to be contained in secret...

until just the right moment,

when all can be revealed.

Corset by  Sparklewren

Corset by Sparklewren

This afternoon I was ravenous, as usual. 

Foraging through the refrigerator like a wildcat, I discovered something:

I had forgotten to shop.

Out belted a wild, starving, moan.


There were only a few leftover salad remnants around, hardly enough to satiate this jungle beast, and no malleable humans around to procure. 

So I chopped, sliced, and mashed my way to getting some sa-tis-FAC-TION!

The green wrap.

It really is the most purr-fect alternative to a heavy bread or tortilla wrap.

Any leafy green will do.

My drug of choice is the collard green, though, I will warn you that it can take a little getting used to if your system needs a bit of detoxing. In fact, if I find I have trouble digesting a raw collard leaf, I take that as a sign  to give my liver some lovin'. That can be as direct as not drinking for about a week (if you partake), and helping soothe and detoxify the situation by drinking some juniper tea. I like to also bathe in juniper essential oils. Then go easy on the roughage...just for a little bit.

Awesome alternatives? Any kind of soft, wilty chard. And for juicy crunch? Romaine lettuce.

For this simple nibble, I mashed a ripe avocado, sliced some tomato, a little cuke (skin on!), and embellished with pumpkin seeds and walnuts. A little balsamic drizzle, and a toss of Celtic salt, and we've got the quickest, tastiest lunch or dinner ever.

Some feisty fillings? 

  • Julienned carrots, chopped mushrooms, bell pepper, cliantro, and mung bean sprouts tossed in lime juice and cayenne, sprinkled with chopped peanuts or almonds
  • Mashed sweet potato, peas, and curry spice with chopped cashews
  • My macadamia nut salad. It's SO good.
  • Sliced mango, pineapple, and papaya, with shredded coconut and pureéd berries (any kind), shredded mint leaves
  • Hummus, sundried tomato, and chopped Moroccan or kalamata olives with oregano and red pepper flakes

You get the picture.

Delish goodies, all wrapped up like Cleopatra in her carpet, being presented to you and your guests as the jewels that they are.

Wishing you a gentle eclipse, and a beautiful day, my Sweethearts.

xxx Alise

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