You Gotta Move

Ok, it’s happening. 

You’re moving house.

I’m a great believer in “home is where you hang your hat,”

but I wasn’t always this way.

We moved around a lot when I was little, never by choice, so when I grew up I balanced a strange dichotomy: Always needing to be on the move, with a soul full of wanderlust and a heart longing for new horizons...yet, I longed for a home.

Yep, that's the one!

Yep, that's the one!

When certain winds blew in, I would pack up my things and ramble on, but the secret longing for permanence would get so intense I would fall to pieces when the actual move was imminent. 

A hurricane cured that.

Oh, I knew it was coming. It had been whispering to me for months.

And in those dream-like moments of fleeing a cottage quickly being engulfed by rushing tides, something intense occurred. 

Total detachment.

Now I experience dwellings as little scenes in a many-act play, each unfolding in its time, petite poems that comprise a beautiful, gilded book of shadows in an infinite be cherished as such. Nothing more, nothing less.

(I see it this way: "I’m never one to gather moss in other areas of my life, so why stay too long at this particular party?")

So, My Vagabond Loves,  when moving day is near, it must be reasoned: Our gypsy souls has been around way longer than any walls...

and it’s time to roll.

Still, there’s always that moment. 

You know the one. 

When your very pretty, wildly sensual living room, the one you’ve spent countless years, months. cultivating, evolving into sacred space,

Your Lair, for crying out loud, is in an instant turned into a chaotic mess.

You start out with an extensive mental plan for how it will all deconstruct, you buy bubble wrap and scour for boxes. Everything will be labeled and organized perfectly. And then you realize that you have a life, and in this packing thing you’re gonna have to shake a tail feather.

Preciousness is lost. 

It’s divide and conquer all the way, Warriors.

Here’s how we do it in style.

Clear Out Thy Crap

Be merciless. Take a grand sweep of everything. If you have time and a clear head, sell things on eBay or Etsy. Have a sale. Give gifts. DONATE. Lighten your load and create space for succulent new toys...

Strike The Show

Darlings, do NOT waste money on packing materials. Use out of season clothing, scarves, blankets to cloak your precious breakables. A winter hat, say, can house a porcelain antique. I can pack up my entire kitchen by rolling glassware and china into tablecloths, placemats, and fabric napkins, while my giant Cleopatra statue gets wrapped in a comforter, bound in twine to make her journeys. Get creative. Use coolers, suitcases, picnic baskets, whatever you’ve got, to tote stuff in.

Stay Centered

Keep a little bit of sacred space aside until your very last day. Keep your special candles, incense, a charm or talisman, a few photos maybe, on a little tray that can give you a place to whisper your prayers as the carpet, literally, is moving under you. Make sure to water your plants, play with your animals, and give yourself and anyone you share your space with some love...these are stressful moments for everyone.

Emotional Rescue

Super important: Have simple, healthy food and drink on hand. You need your physical strength, and to be prepared for emotional cravings and general weirdness.

You won’t have any time to cook, so hit the health food store and prepare to spend a little extra green to ensure a stock of tasty and satisfying nibbles that don’t require utensils.  (‘Cause you’ve already packed them, right?)  Any kind of clean, organic veggie or fruit chips are great to have on hand to crunch the hell out of when it gets freaky. Also fresh fruits, nuts, chocolate, and my personal weakness...baked goods! Take the extra time to scout out the healthiest ones you can find: gluten and sugar-free, vegan, organic. 

Do it. You'll feel good.

And you need to keep it together right now.

Mojo Bag

This is the single best tip I can give you: pack a bag of essentials for your first night, and the morning after. It sounds too simple, but trust me, this will save your ass. Gather these things way ahead of time. Keep this bag out until the last second, and tote it along with your purse.

Inside goes,

  • -sheets/pillows/blanket
  • -flameless candles
  • -lightbulbs
  • -flashlight
  • -incense/sage
  • -water
  • -food for when you wake up (you can make a quick run for coffee or tea, but you don't want to be    eating crap.)
  • animal food/bowls
  • -small  bag of beauty products
  • -change of clean clothes
  • -shower stuff/toiletries
  • a sexy nightie or robe

I want to tell you to plan a saucy first night floor picnic, whether you share your space with someone or not. But that's often unrealistic, and just another thing to orchestrate. If you can pull it off, go for it Goddess! If not, no worries whatsoever. Usually we end up on moving nights filthy (not in a good way) and completely drained. This is so where the bag comes in. You can reach for it and grab the most basic comforts, get clean, and crash into your new bed...which may be located in the middle of a hallway, like a moat surrounded by a sea of boxes...

My Loves, enjoy the crazy.  Remember you are moving into a new phase,

and that, Darlings,

is to be celebrated.

Next year's model? Dome house by  Steve Areen.

Next year's model? Dome house by Steve Areen.

And hey...decorating the new pad.

THAT'S what it’s all about, no?

xxx Alise

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