Friday's Child: Gifts of Awesomeness

You guys.

I really love you.

You made my birthday f**king fabulous.

You gave me love and good wishes, sweet messages and brilliant emails, made me laugh and smile...

And you sent me PRESENTS!!!

This arrived a few days early, from my beloved Kali. She's a sister from way back. And she knows me like, well, a book.

Tucked inside its worn pages were secrets only she could send. 

And a note.

She said the damsel on the cover looked like me, even down to the "Moroccan dudes in the background."

I love this girl.

The next day, my man came in from a day of recording with a tiny confection wrapped in layers of pink tissue and ribbons. My dearest Beth had sent it home with him for me.

It's Femlin, the party joke girl from the back of vintage Playboy's! (Also someone I wanted to be when I grew up, which I can tell you now that you know of my obsession with that iconic magazine).

How cool is this?

Beth, you seriously get it. You are amazing.

As if that weren't enough...

Day of, Girlcat was presented this gorgeous bauble,

My darling fireball Emma made this cosmic ring of glitterspheres with her own delicate hands!

There's an "A" and a flower. 

How did I get so lucky?

All these Goddesses around me.

And one Satyr from another life...

This number was sent by the ghost of Brian Jones himself.

Thanks, baby.

Best gift of all?

Time spent with this one.

You got my heart...

xxx Alise

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