Sowing Your Wild Oats

We have to try a lot of different flavors,

shall we say,

before we settle down with just one.

This One must be very, very special,

deserving of our charms.

I’ve found something exquisite,

and I’m willing to share

with you

my Delectable Ones

It may not look like much at first,

but it delivers, 

trust me.

So much so that I’ve stayed true.

And I am fiercely loyal. (And madly fickle.)

Who is this mysterious stranger, you ask?

Oat Groats.


it’s a horrible name, Groats.

Who on earth dreamt that one up?

Unbecoming for something so...satisfying...

Wild, sexy oats, that's what they are.

The bare,


unabashed version of these:

Steel cut oats. Oh, they’re fine.

In fact, I have some luscious recipes for you in the coming months utilizing these babies.

But for real raw power,

go for the wild ones.

Soaked in creamy almond milk, they remain al dente. Literally, "to the teeth."

It's a lupine experience,

gnawing on them,

in all their feral beauty.

Get in the habit of soaking these overnight in water as often as you can.

They're the absolute best for a mid-morning or afternoon bite. Filling, yet light in your body, they're an incredible mood stabilizer, easily digested, high in beauty minerals (copper, biotin, magnesium, vitamin B), and a good source of protein.

Inherently sweet, they pair well with dried or fresh fruits, nuts, and spices.

My nibble here is a simple blend of wild oats soaked overnight (rinsed and drained), dried unsweetened cranberries, shredded organic coconut, cinnamon, and a splash of homemade almond milk.

Best part? ou can find them in the bulk section of your natural foods store for pennies!

Never settle.

Hold out for the right One.

You'll be glad you did.

Tell 'em I sent you...

Hungry kisses,

xxx Alise

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