Raw Power, Honey, Can't Be Beat

He's got  my  attention. Rock god, cultural icon, and animal activist, Mr. Iggy Pop.   

He's got my attention. Rock god, cultural icon, and animal activist, Mr. Iggy Pop.


Speaking of which, you and I have been talking succulent dishes quite a bit lately, haven’t we? In the kitchen, I mean.

Let’s see...we’ve made spicy stews, heavenly cakes, all sorts of exotic fare. Yet, save for a few shake elixirs, it’s all been cooked.

Most of you get that I am vegan, and avoid sugar, gluten, junk food of all ages, etc. What you don’t know is that my diet is 80% raw. As in uncooked.

Why? Because raw food keeps vitamins, minerals, and amino acids intact. 

I get asked all the time about what I eat, what I don’t eat. People always want to get in on it, but they worry it’s gonna get weird. 

Sometimes it does.

But I tend towards the far end of the spectrum, obsessing over superfoods and super herbs, tonics and brews, where it comes from, is it sustainable, how best to combine...and yes, it’s weird to some. I get that. 

I can tell you, my loves, with complete fervor, that I have never felt or looked better in my life since adopting this lifestyle. Though I’ve been vegetarian most of my adult life, and vegan a huge amount of that time, I didn’t always do it right. And I wasn’t always prepared on a higher plane, because when you create something on a physical level, the emotional/mental blossoming must be present at the same time, or one will not support the other. (That’s another conversation entirely.)

Back to diet: A typical day for me is filled with raw dark greens, vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts...and somewhere in there you’ll find something cooked. I like a light-to-heavy approach, eating the heaviest foods not only at the end of a meal, but also at the end of the day.

This is the best way for your body to digest food, and good digestion, whether or not we want to think about it, is crucial to our well-being. When the body uses energy to digest food, that energy doesn’t go to our vital organs, systems, and natural healing abilities...and it certainly has nothing left for your skin, hair, and nails. Digesting food requires an enormous amount of energy, draining you, inside and out.

And, baby, you need that energy for living your awesome life.

So, want to try a sexy little raw dish?


I meant this one:


Lust For Life Raw Pasta

  • 2-3 large organic yellow squash
  • 2 large organic tomatoes
  • 1 C. sundried tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 clove garlic, chopped
  • 2 Tbsp. etra virgin oilve oil, cold pressed
  • Black pepper
  • Himalayan pink sea salt

This is SO easy!

First, peel the squash. Then create "noodles" with either a spiralizer, or a potato peeler. Set aside to drain in a colander.

Place the tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil into a food processor, and pulse until blended.

Add the salt and pepper to taste.

Toss with squash noodles, top with rice "parmesan" if you like, and devour!


xxx Alise