Luna Cucina: Feeding The Cancer Full Moon

Bust out the chick flicks and the comfort food...

Any Cancer moon brings up the need for coddling, and has the ability to turn even the wildest vagabond into a homebody for a brief spell of time. This one in particular, my loves, is a doozy. 

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 7.18.04 PM.png

As this gorgeous moon comes into phase, emotions are watery, particularly with regard to mother-related issues, feelings of not having been properly nurtured as a child, or perhaps not taken care of in the present... and the seemingly insatiable neediness that comes along with it. 

This can wreak some serious havoc on your diet, not to mention your psyche.

I am in no way suggesting we over-indulge this, because we have the choice, always, to either harness our personal power, or by default give it away.

So we choose power.

But really, if feelings are gushing up to the surface, clearly some of this needs to be examined, in order to move on from it. So let it come forth like a geyser, from the very bottom of your soul, LET IT OUUUUT...                                                                        

Then be DONE with it. 

Of course, after all this emotion boils to the surface, then spills out all over your otherwise awesome life, you’re gonna need that giant bowl of something warm, familiar, and absolutely delicious. 

Pasta and red sauce. 



Can you smell it?

I offer you my time-honored and highly prized Red Sauce recipe. It’s simple, one I learned from a woman in Tuscany many moons ago, and until now have kept a closely guarded secret. Now it’s yours. Because I love you.

The actual "secret" is in the time. This baby simmers on the stove all day long, releasing its magic, telling you its stories. It’s in no hurry.  Stir it clockwise with a wooden spoon, listening...then share your good mojo with it.

Rapturous Red Sauce

  • 4 containers crushed Pomi tomatoes (no BPA’s, GMO’s or additives!)
  • 1 tube organic tomato paste
  • 1 organic carrot
  • 1 organic celery stalk
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • Mediterranean sea salt or Himalayan pink salt
  • Red pepper flakes (optional)
  • Dry organic Cabernet or Merlot (optional)

In a large pot, heat a generous spiral of olive oil on a low flame. Place your hand above the pot-when you can feel the heat, it’s ready.

Add the garlic to the pot, and allow it to release slowly, keeping the flame very low, for about five minutes. The garlic should still be white and somewhat transluscent, and you will be inhaling its amazing aroma. Now it’s time to add in the carrots and celery. Saute gently for another five to ten minutes until the vegetables are well cooked (the carrots will sweeten the sauce.)  If you like it with a little bite, add in the pepper flakes while this is happening.

Now add in the tomatoes, and stir. 

Put the lid on the pot, and let her simmer away. 

For hours.

The time spent slow cooking will entwine the otherwise simple flavors into a complex sauce, the tomatoes will lose their acidity along with their tartness, and a succulent depth will arise with time.

I like to add a generous splash of wine somewhere in the middle of the cooking, for an even fuller body. (Not mine-the sauce’s!)

Many hours later, when the sauce tells you that it is ready, shut off the flame and let it just sit until completely cooled. Don’t serve it now. Wait until tomorrow. Warm it up slowly, with all the languor you employed while creating it. Serve it over gluten-free pasta.

It just gets better, and is well worth the wait. Like you.

Andiamo a mangiare!

xxx Alise