New Moon, New Year

Good morning, divine sleepyheads. 

I trust you had a good prowl last night, and are basking in nakedness and breakfast right now. That's right, breakfast.

Today we are gifted with a New Moon on a New Year’s day, which would normally feel like an energizing dawn, a first light filled with possibilities, and certainly a giant exhale after a month that has been interesting on a cosmic level, to say the least.

But this one, loves, is a bit challenging. We have some slightly difficult aspects here. Two planetary motions acting as would-be thieves on either side of Her, threatening to rob the new light She has begun to create.

The first is Mars in Libra, affecting our relationships. Mars asserts, while Libra abhors confrontation, so the result is a disquieting wishy-washyness at best, and at worst an angry passive aggression. 

The second is Uranus in Aries, quite literally playing with elemental fire. This aspect can feel like you are in the middle of a tornado, with debris flying at you from every possible direction.

The new Moon sets the course for the weeks ahead, so this energy of tension will, unfortunately, be with us for a little while.

Not to worry. We can TOTALLY navigate this.

The key now is balance.

We need to stay focused, clear, and centered. Give our loved ones compassion, because they require it as much as we do right now. Everybody’s feeling it.

For now, until midday tomorrow, the moon is in Capricorn, which is an excellent time for structure and organization, and one in which we can really set concrete goals for the future.

So let’s get into our grounding and goal-setting rituals tonight.

Light a candle, breathe deeply, give thanks for everything you have, and set your intentions on what you wish to accomplish in these winter months...the seeds that will be sewn in Spring. Focus on staying grounded. Visualize yourself as an oak tree. I'm serious. You are firmly rooted in the ground, yet able to bend and sway with the winds, no matter how fierce.


Be kind to yourself and those around you.

There are only two truths in this world: Love and Fear.

Choose Love.

xxx Alise