The Four Tempestuous Truths of The Holiday Season, Part One


Stress. That naughty little word. 

That state of being that causes everything from sleepless nights and bellyaches, to a full-on system shutdown. We know we are supposed to manage our stress, but honestly, in the thick of it, we all struggle. Big time.

The idea is to react in the moment, and make the best possible choice for our health and well-being. Ironically, when we want to look and feel our best, we’re so wired about everything that the exact opposite happens. 

I have personally looked like hell at the majority of my family functions, and felt even worse. This has a lot to do with my family dynamic, but even if yours is easier to navigate, there’s still all those other little pesky holiday-birthed gnats swirling around you, quickly multiplying and creating one giant storm of panic.

In a perfect world, we budget our cash all year and buy presents early. We also wrap them, send cards, make travel arrangements, and bake in advance so that when the season arrives, we step into it impossibly fresh and impeccably dressed.

Then there’s the actual.

 Okay, he's REALLY cute, but you know what I mean.

 Okay, he's REALLY cute, but you know what I mean.

So, what now?

Here’s what you can do. You can still take control. 

Start with your own private rituals.

The Bath

You absolutely must wind down and the end of the night. This is non-negotiable.

You need sleep, and you need space to come down from the crazy.

I won’t give you a complicated ritual - there’s simply no time or headspace for that right now. Just keep it simple. Pick up a bag of Celtic or Himalayan sea salt and a few of your favorite essential oils. I personally don’t love the scent of lavender, but when I am seriously drained I reach for it, and it works major magic.

Scoop a good handful of salt and a few drops of each oil into a very warm bath. Don’t get out in three minutes! Lay there in candlelight, breathe in the steam and oils, give thanks for all of it, and ask for a restful sleep.

Come with me to the Cas-bath...

When you emerge, visualize all your stresses leaving you in the water, going down the drain. Ask for negativity to be re-birthed as healing energy. 

Water is powerful. And so are you.


Necessary, elusive, beautiful are a fickle one, my love.

We need dark, air, and quiet to really make it happen. Often easier said than done.

Start by creating a bed that really beckons. Fluff the pillows, scent the sheets, pile on the blankets, crack the window. I like to spritz my sheets with a hydrosol or other natural spray.  (You can make one, but not now. I'll teach you how later. Pick one up at your local health food store.)

If the neighbors are noisy, or your own brain is too busy, download something to listen to while you drift.  I highly recommend sitar music. 

Don’t think. Just be.

Pop a couple of Moon Drops, a homepathic lozenge, and let rest seduce you.

You are getting sleepy.

Finally, my personal favorite...


Take it. Don’t make apologies. Just go and do what makes you smile.

Get outside and walk, watch a film, read, play with your animals, romp with your lover, giggle with friends, dance, sing...but do it. 


Joie de Vivre!

Well, my loves, enjoy this season... I mean it!

Now I want to hear all about your stress-banishing rituals in the comments below.

Relaxed and smiling kisses to you,

xxx Alise