The Four Tempestuous Truths of The Holiday Season, Part Two

Travel. Visiting. Socializing.

It takes a little witchcraft to make it all work in your favor.

"Familiar scene, Mama. Get it,  familia r?"

"Familiar scene, Mama. Get it, familiar?"

The key to mastering all this fluttering around, really, is to be PREPARED. Then you’ve got it covered. You can walk into any social situation feeling confident, together, and ready for anything. The point is to enjoy, no? 

I’m gonna spill a few secrets here.  It’s all in the bag.  Make that plural.

1. The Carry-All

This monster is by your side at all times. It’s large, good-looking, and highly capable. It will hold your much smaller purse or evening bag, a couple of ziplocs (see #2.), a pair of heels, your Mojo bag (see #3), and anything else you need to be your most fabulous self.

2. Quart-Sized Ziplocks

These are genius. Reusable and versatile, they get filled with:

Food.  You never want to be stuck somewhere where you can’t get something healthy to eat. Raw veggies, a small container of almond butter, nuts, dried fruits, etc., will not only keep you fueled while you’re on the go, but will save you from pummeling the cheese platter or attacking the baked goods when you finally arrive at your destination. Raw celery is particularly genius, as it flushes excess water from your system, and will keep your belly flat while you snake into that cocktail dress.

A change of clothes. I learned this from touring with a rock band. You think you have PLENTY of time after soundcheck to head back to the hotel to relax, take a bath, get gorgeous. There’s a car ready to take you, no worries...until someone eff’s up and the runner who was your ride suddenly has to scour the city for some piece of gear that wasn’t delivered and have it back in time for the show. So, there you are, in a slightly aromatic T-shirt and jeans that you’ve been traveling in since yesterday. It’s going to be a loooong night...but, wait! What’s that deep down inside your giant can feel it...gasp! A ziplock! And inside, a neatly rolled dress, change of lingerie and stockings! And look-there are those heels you stashed! YESSSS!!!!!!

Instant glamour!

Instant glamour!

Pick out a few drop-dead party ensembles, with accessories. Place them into separate ziplocs. Roll your delicates inside your clothing to keep them neat and avoid snags. Toss one in your desk drawer, one in your glove compartment, one in your carry-all. Pack a seperate ziploc with hair/body products.

And don’t forget to keep a neutral or black pair of heels that go with anything in your carry-all, in case you should forget these:

Why, yes, they are very sparkly! I said party didn't I?

Why, yes, they are very sparkly! I said party didn't I?

3. Mojo. Also known as the Medicine Bag. Teas, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, eye drops, etc. Whatever is gonna get you through. I have learned NEVER to go ANYWHERE without this on my person, as a result of being on film sets, where in the span of a 14-hour shooting day it is entirely possible to have every single malady you are prone to pop up like toast when you least expect it. And again, when you want and NEED to be at your best.

My personal Mojo Bag always includes peppermint oil, to inhale or use as a little breath freshener, teas (both herbal and caffeinated), homeopathic sinus and allergy remedies, a few natural water pills, and some cardamom pods to chew after eating as a digestive aid.

And that's it! You are ready to take on ANY situation, sexy one.

Okay, so now where are we off to? Order a bottle of bubbly, and I'll meet you there...